The most popular Tape Libraries today employ LTO Tape Libraries Technology.  MSRC supports recertified HP MSL Library product line.  We stock and configure LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3 and LTO-4 models.  Most models are available in Fibre Channel, LVD or SAS configurations.  In addition, we carry a complete line of spares to ensure that you we be supported for years to come.  We have power supplies, magazines, rack mount kits, replacement drives and tabletop conversion kits to name a few.

We highly recommend that you start a chat with us and let us answer your specific questions.  Given the high cost and complexity of this type of  purchase we want to ensure that we send you exactly what you need the first time.  We understand that purchasing recertified product can be risky.  MSRC has been supplying recertifed tape products to our customers for over twenty years.  We are the company most companies turn to to meet their IT needs at a greatly reduced cost.

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