SDLT 160/320GB LVD Library Drive For MSL5026/5052

SDLT 160/320GB LVD Library Drive For MSL5026/5052

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Compaq 293532-001

Refurbished SDLT 160/320GB LVD Library Drive For MSL5026/5052
Compaq 293532-001 MSRC Recertified.
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The new HP StorageWorks SDLT 320 GB Tape Drive extends the advantages of an SDLT-based data protection solution by increasing capacity and performance by 45%. Total costs of ownership are significantly lowered by reducing the number of data cartridges required and by shrinking the backup window for business-critical data. In addition, backward-read compatibility to existing DLT and SDLT-based solutions provides the highest level of investment protection while offering a smooth transition path to new SDLT 320-based data protection solutions.
The SDLT 320 is an enhanced version of the SDLT 110/220 tape drive offering a 45% increase in native capacity per cartridge (160 GB) and data transfer performance (16 MB/s). The new SDLT 320 offers the same backward-read compatibility to current DLT tape drives as the SDLT 110/220, but is also write-compatible with the SDLT 110/220 and utilizes the same SDLT1 media and cleaning cartridge.

MSL Library Spare Parts

231685-001 Control Panel Board 5U (non auto pwr) for MSL 5026/30 6026/30
331226-001 Control Panel Board 5U (auto power on) for MSL 5026/30 6026/30
231671-001 Library Controller Board for MSL5026/5030/6020/6030
331925-001 Ultra 2 Library Hot Plug Board for MSL 5026/30 Library
231667-001 Latch Set, Solenoid for MSL5026/30 MSL6026/30
231676-001 Bar Code Reader only for MSL 5026/30/6026/30
231668-001 Power Supply for MSL5026/30/52/60 MSL6030/60
231681-001 Receiver, Power Supply for MSL MSL5026/30/52/60 MSL6030/60
231666-001 LCD Touch Display, with board for MSL5026/30 MSL6026/30
231680-001 Magazine, DLT/SDLT Right for all MSL Libraries
303076-001 Magazine, LTO Right for MSL5030/60, 6030/60
231679-001 Magazine, DLT/SDLT Left for all MSL Libraries
303075-001 Magazine LTO Left for MSL5030/60 6030/60
331225-001 200/400GB LVD LTO For MSL Libraries
233125-001 SDLT 110/220GB LVD For MSL Libraries
231669-001 DLT8000 40/80GB LVD For MSL Libraries
303074-001 100/200GB LVD LTO For MSL Libraries


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