Storage Product Repair
Tape Drives Repair
MSRC has been repairing Tape Drives, Tape Libraries and Tape Autoloaders for 20 years. We have been chosen by Storage Manufacturers such as Quantum Corporation and Overland Data to perform End of Life Repair Services for their customers. In addition, many large corporations employ our services to attain high levels of quality, quick turnaround, direct ship to service sites and many customer specific inventory management services. MSRC has specific expertise in the LTO, SDLT and DLT technologies. Whether you are an end user or a large corporation, MSRC has the staff and expertise to ensure that your Tape Backup Strategy will last for years.
Hard Drives Repair
Today, hard drives are seldom repaired. MSRC can supply you with a replacement hard drive that is fully tested and error free. We also stock trays that are specific for hard drives that go into servers and arrays. We have a strong expertise in StorageWorks drives. While we have thousands of Hard Drives in stock, we do not put them all on the web. Try the E-Locater button on the Home Page, give us a call or start a Live Chat to find out what we have. We are ready to serve.

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